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Helping women with online businesses in a language they understand.


Delivering you a business that fits in with your life

Imagine yourself operating a successful and profitable business. A business that fits in with the push and pull of family life and perfectly suits the way you live. A business that evolved around you and your unique situation.

That is what we deliver. From business structuring advice to helping you create customised legal documents for your online business. Any lawyer can draft documents. But we are more than that. We get what it is like to work outside of the traditional 9 to 5 corporate life. We know how great it is to work from home, or a co-working space or from wherever you please in a flexible way.

We are your headache removal experts for your online business journey. We anticipate problems before they happen so you can avoid them altogether by being prepared.

Meet Emma

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Don’t beg for a seat at the table. Build your own damn table
— Emma Heuston

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Specialist Online Business and Remote Work Lawyer


We believe in empowering women. We partner with our clients to ensure their legal documents and templates are precisely what they need.

We know that legal documents need to be easy to read and we get that they also need to be acceptable to the people our client’s do business with.

Our clients believe in us. They know we are responsive and experienced. They know we have their best interests at heart and want to protect them.

And they know our head lawyer, Emma, lives the work/ life juggle alongside them.

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