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Emma Heuston is the Founder of the Remote Expert


About The Remote Expert


We help our clients get their legals sorted in a professional and convenient way, without the legal jargon. We are passionate about speaking to our clients in a language they understand and we love to see how the right legal documents at the right time protect our clients as they thrive in their online businesses.

When we help you with your legal needs we are there with you from the initial planning, through the preparation and finally helping you celebrate as your business grows.

With two decades of legal experience, we provide exceptional results for you. That result will reflect your business and your clients and allow you to focus on the day to day business operations.


The Remote Work Specialist

Remote and agile work is our thing. By “remote work” we mean anything outside of the ordinary 9 to 5 corporate prison that Dolly Parton sung about.

This could mean you are a solopreneur working from home. Or it could be that it is you plus a few in a co-working space. Or it might even mean you have a bricks and mortar business but hire a remote team who are spread around the place.

Whatever your business looks like, we have the skills to assist. As a former remote worker turned Solopreneur, Emma knows what works. It is more than a skill, it is her pride and passion to help you create a business that allows you to create that elusive work/ life balance in your life.


The Remote Expert Team

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Emma Heuston


Emma will be your first point of contact at The Remote Expert.

Great lawyers are plentiful, but they are not Emma. She is someone who can use her skills to map out what you need (and be honest about what you don’t need), help you prepare a visual map of the next steps and set about achieving those steps at an agreed timeline in a no nonsense and efficient way.

Emma takes out all the bulls*#t that some firms pad in to the legal process. There are fixed fees and agreed timelines, so you are not left wondering when your legal matter will have the attention it deserves and how much that tax invoice will be when it is done.

Best of all, Emma gets what it is like to want to run your own show and understands life is far more than work. In 2011, Emma was on the traditional lawyer corporate path. She had an office job in a boutique firm on the North Shore of Sydney. However, a near death experience changed Emma’s life and her views on work/ life balance. At 13 weeks pregnant, Emma was given a common anti nausea drug to help with morning sickness. What followed was Emma’s heart stopping as the result of a sudden cardiac arrest. Emma was resuscitated with a defibrillator on the floor of the ER in the hospital where she had presented with morning (all day!) sickness. Miraculously Emma and her baby boy both survived the ordeal and after some time in the ICU and the cardiac ward, Emma went home from hospital to finish off what was a rather anxious and uncertain pregnancy. That one event has coloured Emma’s life.

With the firm belief that life is too short and precious not to make the most of it, Emma and her young family moved from Sydney to far Northern New South Wales in late 2013 when the big city life and real estate prices had got them down. After the seachange, Emma worked remotely at partner level in a law firm for a number of years before starting ‘The Remote Expert’ in early 2019 to assist other women gain that work/ life balance Emma is determined to create. Emma’s passion is helping other women create their own empire or ensure they are treated fairly when employed in flexible and remote roles.

In 2018, Emma authored the work from home bible, The Tracksuit Economy: how to work productively and effectively from home. Grab a copy of the The Tracksuit Economy at the shop here.

When Emma isn’t heading up The Remote Expert from the beachside town of Ballina in far northern New South Wales, she is wrangling an active son, the world’s naughtiest dachshund and a poodle with an anxiety disorder. The wrangling is ably assisted by her lovely husband and disinterested cat.


Are you ready?

Are you ready to take the step to get your legals sorted for your online business and take the first step toward the business of your dreams?

Our process for customised legal documents has been tested time and time again. We are there to help you get ready, shift into gear and do well.

We love seeing our client’s succeed and helping them as their online and remote businesses scale and prosper.

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