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The Remote Expert offers template DIY documents for online business and customised documents for women founders in online businesses

Building the Business of Your Dreams

Our clients are talented people. They are trying to do all the things and keep all those balls they are juggling in the air. The reality is that they put off getting that website privacy policy or a client service agreement or the remote work employment agreement because they are so busy.

But when they don’t do this stuff, that is when the risk (and the headache) happens. We specialise in headache and risk removal by helping our client’s achieve the following objectives:

  • business structuring advice to avoid risk;

  • protection from claims by employers and business colleagues;

  • avoiding litigation and disputes arising from business deals that have not been documented correctly;

  • protecting their brand and Intellectual Property (IP); and

  • implementing systems and processes to grow and scale their business with a remote team.


Are you too busy to sort out your legals?

Our customised ‘done for you’ document preparation service is designed for busy people like you who value the importance of ensuring your business minimises risk.

We use our 3 phase approach to make sure your customised solution is a unique solution that suits you.

Better yet, we keep in touch and offer a free annual health check for all past clients to make sure that as your business grows, your legal needs continue to be met.

Our 3 Phase Approach



What Sort of Documents Do We Help You With

We help you with the following documents and more:

  • Website terms and conditions;

  • Privacy policies;

  • Remote Work Employee Handbooks;

  • Virtual Assistant (VA) Service Agreements;

  • Remote Work Employment Agreements;

  • Independent Contractor Agreements;

  • Remote Work Policies;

  • Consultant Agreements;

  • Non Disclosure Agreements;

  • Standard Business Terms and Conditions (T & Cs);

  • Partnership Agreements; and

  • Joint Venture Agreements

Ready Made DIY Templates

We also have a range of DIY templates over at our Shop. Note these DIY templates are drafted with care but they are legal information only and may not suit your specific circumstances. If you require customised legal advice unique to your situation, we suggest you request a quote for a ‘done for you’ service.

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