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Remote Work & Legal Issues

The Remote Expert helps businesses who hire remote team members or want to hire remote team members but don’t know how to go about negotiating the legal and human resources minefield.

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Hiring a remote team can be scary when you don’t know what you are doing

I am here to help you get your head around the legal issues that arise when you hire a remote team member.

Did you know that an employee is considered to be a remote employee if they:

  • regularly work one or more days a week from home or a co-working space;

  • work from home when a child is sick; or

  • log on at night or on a non work day in the case of part time employees, to do work from home.

This means you could already hire remote employees and not be protected if one of them was to have an accident at home or if their data security was breached.

Once an employee is considered as a remote employee, legal issues such as the suitability of the employment contract, occupational health and safety, privacy and cyber security and insurance creep in.

Without knowing what these legal issues are businesses leave themselves wide open to legal action.

But with knowledge and investing in a few documents, policies and procedures in place you can protect yourself and your business and get on with the important things like making sure you have a great team that are working towards your business goals.

Download my free ebook for a snapshot of the legal issues you need to look out for when you have an employee who works away from the office at least some of the time.