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Parental Leave Policies

By Emma Heuston, Principal Lawyer and Head Honcho of the Remote Expert

I am delivering a keynote speech about Workplace Flexibility and Parental Leave at the Remote Future Summit 2019 - hitting your screens later this week.

My keynote will look at how we define parental leave and how government laws surrounding parental leave and flexibility vary between countries. It will also explore how introducing a well thought out parental leave policy can supercharge an organisations ability to attract and retain staff.

While organisations must comply with the minimum relevant requirements of their government, adding a top up or extra to that minimum standard is a powerful signal of a company’s culture and commitment to its team members.

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Remote Future Summit 2019

I have been busy at the Remote Expert HQ pre-recording my keynote speech for the Remote Future Summit on parental leave policies for remote companies.

The Summit is going to take place on 15 – 17 May and promises to be jam packed full of remote work goodness! 

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Why Employers Need to Care about Remote Work

contributed by Tara Vasdani, Canadian Lawyer

Employer’s need to care about remote work. Unless organisations address the remote work elephant in the room, they face the prospect of failing to keep up with the evolution of the modern workforce.

This week sees the Remote Work Summit, put on by Grow Remote, April 16-18, 2019. The Summit has crowds from across the globe joining in to listen to speakers from companies like Shopify, Workplaceless, and Distribute Consulting (which is the remote work guru herself - Laurel Farrer).

Today on the blog we unpack why employers need to take a second look at remote work culture.

A cultural shift

The workplace has experienced a sharp cultural shift over the last couple of decades. In a short period of time, remote work has changed.

Gone is the focus of remote work as an employee “perk”. Now, remote work is a valuable productivity tool that allows access to a large talent pool.

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