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When is a VA not a VA? When they are an OBM or SMM

I have been seeing a lot of different expressions in virtual assistant (VA) land of late. Most noticeably the terms Online Business Manager (OBM) and Social Media Manager (SMM).

Apart from a bunch of acronyms that are hard to remember, what does this mean?  Should you call yourself a VA or something else and what does it translate into in terms of the legal steps you need to take to set up and run your business.

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Onsite employes v remote employees - a financial perspective

In the cloud economy, employers now have the option of having employees remotely based anywhere with a secure internet connection. But how does this compare to having staff onsite? Before settling down on the details of their employment contract, we dive into the financial considerations of choosing an onsite vs a remote situation for your staff.

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How to set up as a Virtual Assistant (VA)

By Emma Heuston, Founder and Principal Lawyer, The Remote Expert

I recently had a chat with a lady (let’s call her Viv the VA) who is getting all of her ducks in a row to be a Virtual Assistant (or VA in the online business world). We talked about a checklist of things she had to do before getting her business off the ground.

A whole tracksuit economy of work from home women has sprung up to create flexibility in their lives. VAs are joining that economy to access that flexibility but also support the tracksuit economy.

Because I am getting more and more VA enquiries I am going to share what I spoke about with Viv in the hope that it can help you, whether you want to hire a VA or be a VA.

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Empathy is a superpower

Today I found myself vulnerably reaching out to a professional for assistance for my son and felt that I was not understood or validated. It felt like crap. At first I was angry (and I had to struggle not to give this lady an earful). But then I got off the call, took a deep breath and stepped back.

I understood that is how some of my clients must feel when they think about dealing with a lawyer.

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