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Remote Future Summit 2019

Hello and welcome to May!

I have been busy at the Remote Expert HQ pre-recording my keynote speech for the Remote Future Summit on parental leave policies for remote companies.

The Summit is going to take place on 15 – 17 May and promises to be jam packed full of remote work goodness! 

Here is the link to the summit.

 There are 2 streams of the summit:

  • Day 1 (Remote Makers) aimed at managers and C-level executives which looks at building and managing distributed organisations; and

  • Day 2 (Future of Work) focussing on the Human Resources and legal management of a remote workforce

You can attend one or both days, from anywhere in the world, which is the beauty of a virtual conference.

I am presenting on Day 2 in the legal and compliance module but, in addition to my keynote, there are speakers from Owl Labs, Microsoft, Buffer and Wells Fargo. Definitely a great way to attend a conference - although you don’t get the suntan or tropical location, unless you happen to live somewhere like Bali!

 Have a fabulous wrap up to your week and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries about the Remote Future Summit or anything else I can help you with.

Warmest Wishes,