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Parental Leave Policies

I am delivering a keynote speech about Workplace Flexibility and Parental Leave at the Remote Future Summit 2019 - hitting your screens later this week.

My keynote will look at how we define parental leave and how government laws surrounding parental leave and flexibility vary between countries. It will also explore how introducing a well thought out parental leave policy in your business can supercharge your ability to attract and retain top notch employees.

While organisations must comply with the minimum relevant requirements of their government, adding a “top up” or “extra entitlement” to that minimum standard is a powerful signal of a company’s culture and commitment to its team members and can reward the company with loyal employees, reducing employee turnover and training expenses.

With than in mind, I will be sharing tips in my keynote to:

  • make sure you get the policy right; and

  • look at how you can implement with a small company and increase gradually rather than wait to scale your team.

Remember, it is a matter of starting as soon as you can to demonstrate that commitment to your employees rather than waiting until you can afford a fancy policy.

The first step is, of course, to get a policy in place in your organisation.

Special offer - “Remote Future Summit” special

To celebrate the keynote and put the tips I talk about in my keynote into action I have created a Parental Leave Policy Template available on the Remote Expert website.

The best news is to celebrate the Remote Future Summit, from now until Saturday May 18 the Parental Leave Policy Template is half price.

I hope to see you online on the 16th May!

Register for my keynote here or the summit here.

Emma Heuston

The Remote Expert