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I've got 100 problems but my VA isn't one of them!

I deal with issues each and every day but my VA isn’t one of them. How do you re-create this magical experience between VA and Client? Below I share how to create the perfect VA agreement and achieve a fabulous and profitable working relationship.


Being a Virtual Assistant (VA) or hiring a VA are hot topics in the business mastermind and online groups I am part of at the moment. But, how do you do it?  

  • How do you pick your niche?

  • How do you get clients?

  • What do you include in the agreement?

  • How do you deal with late payment?

  • What about expectations around work timeframes?

  • How big of a problem is data security and using third party platforms?

  • And is fixing mistakes or editing extra time or done for free?


Get these things right and the world of being a VA (and having a VA) open up a whole world of remote work freedom.

The Agreement is Key

My number one tip is to get your Service Agreement right and the rest will flow from there.

Your niche is often an area you are interested in or have worked in before. For example, if you have worked as a legal secretary you might be a legal VA.

And speaking of legal, an exchange of emails or Facebook chats is not going to cut it to document an ongoing relationship where money, confidential information like passwords and client details and valuable business knowledge is exchanged.

Would you hand out your bank personal identification number out over Facebook messenger or email? Of course you wouldn’t. The details entrusted to a VA are similarly sensitive and confidential. And there are consequences if they are not protected and dealt with correctly. Because of this it is critical to cover these off in the service agreement. 


Communication is also so important. You need to be clear on how you communicate, when and what method you use. These things should be set out at the start of the relationship in the Service Agreement between the VA and the Client.

By making the method of communication clear and the timeframes the VA will work in clear it will make the rest of the relationship between the VA and client much smoother. Not doing that is like getting married but not talking about how you will resolve arguments.


Also consider HOW communication is best done. For example, I have a Trello board with my VA which works well. But I know other people who use Microsoft Teams or Asana. It really is a matter of preference but better sorted out before work kicks off.

Data Security

A VA’s client puts a lot of trust in them. They entrust them with confidential information, passwords in some cases (though that can be problematic and is a whole other blog post), bank account details and other sensitive information.


The client needs to know the VA will use secure data and measures like two factor identification to protect their details and ensure their virus protection data is up to date.

Want to know more? Come to the webinar

I am going to be talking about these topics in person and more in my upcoming free webinar (there are only 100 spots and a bunch of them are taken, so be quick to snag your spot). 

I will also be sharing 3 top tips from my remote team communication tips vault.

How do I sign up for the webinar?

You can catch the webinar by signing up to the event here.

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

About Me

I am a lawyer specialising in remote and agile work arrangements.

By “remote work” I mean anything outside of the ordinary 9 to 5 corporate prison that Dolly Parton sung about. This could mean you are a solopreneur working from home. Or it could be that it is you plus a few in a co-working space. Or it might even mean you have a bricks and mortar business but hire a remote team who are spread around the place.

Whatever your business looks like, I have the skills to assist. As a former remote worker turned Solopreneur, I know what works. Get in touch with me here.