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Variation to Employment Agreement (Remote Work)

Variation to Employment Agreement (Remote Work)


The Variation to Employment Agreement (Remote Work) is a template contract designed to vary an existing Employment Agreement to permit the employee to work remotely some or all of the time.

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The Variation to Employment Contract (Remote Work) does this by:

  • outlining the agreed remote work arrangements;

  • setting boundaries around the remote work arrangements (such as the need for child care during work hours and the day/s the employee is expected to work in the Head Office/ office environment);

  • has a trial (or probationary) period of the remote work arrangement inbuilt so both parties can determine if the remote work arrangement is suitable;

  • details arrangements for data and equipment security;

  • considers reimbursement of remote work expenses;

  • covers Work Health and Safety considerations; and

  • more

If your employees work from home regularly (even as little as one day a week) getting this variation is a sensible idea to ensure your insurance and work health and safety obligations are met and to provide the employee with clear guidance around the work boundaries for the at-home work