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The Remote Work Handbook (Australia)

The Remote Work Handbook (Australia)


The Remote Work Handbook brings together 12 Remote Expert templates to provide a logical and sequential roadmap for hiring a remote employee, managing a remote employee and setting policies within your organisation.

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If you were to purchase these templates separately it would cost over $1,400. Buying the bundle makes sense, not only do you get my preferred customer offer of $990.00 for the entire bundle, there are also guidance notes to follow around legal and risk issues, handy tips and hints and extra information such as the difference between an employer and a contractor and tips about the types of form a new employee must fill out in Australia.

If you prefer guidance with these forms, connect with me here to arrange either:

  • a one customised package; or

  • a retainer advice package (where you get the Remote Work Handbook free with a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month retainer).