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Remote Work Request (Silver Package)

Remote Work Request (Silver Package)


The Remote Work Request Bronze Package is comprehensive form that all remote team members should complete before they are permitted to work away from the head office of an organisation.

Available in word version, you can badge with your business logo and proceed with confidence to be sure your organisation is considering all important aspects of a request for remote work.

Note that this Silver Package includes a Remote Expert Team member checking your completed policy document for you to ensure the information has been entered correctly, To access this service send through the completed form to

If you require customised assistance from one of our team, go to our Gold Packages here.

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The Remote Work Request collects employee data and ensures your employee will not just ask to work remotely but in doing so will give you details of the proposed work space and their plans to carry out remote duties.

At the Remote Expert, we understand that it is important to you that your business continues to function at optimum levels. Therefore, any decision to allow an employee to work remotely should only be made after careful consideration of the business case surrounding the request, such as the impact on other team members and how clients and external stakeholders will react to such a request.

This form is also available as a Form attached to the Remote Work Policy. If you are sure you will permit at least some of your team members to work remotely, the better value product for you is the Remote Work Policy.

Otherwise, this document also works well as a stand alone product.