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(Australia) Remote Work Policy

(Australia) Remote Work Policy


The Remote Work Policy contains guidelines to set expectations and boundaries for any team members working away from your office.

Delivered as a word version for you to badge with your logo and business name, having a remote work policy in place shows that you are proactively protecting your organisation while acknowledging that some employees work more productively away from a traditional office setting.

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The Remote Work Policy

  • Covers how a staff member should make a request for remote work;

  • Provides a detailed remote work request form as a bonus inclusion to the Policy;

  • Contains directions on how a Remote Workspace should be set up;

  • Provides a Remote Work Health and Safety Checklist for insurance and occupational health and safety purposes as a second included bonus with the policy;

  • Sets out who who provides the equipment to allow a staff Member to work remotely;

  • Deals with how and when expenses should be claimed;

  • Requires staff members to comply with cyber security requirements;

  • Sets out how communication with head office is to occur; and

  • Details the way in which a remote work agreement can be terminated.