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Remote Work Employment Agreement (non award) (Bronze Package)

Remote Work Employment Agreement (non award) (Bronze Package)


The Remote Work Agreement (non award) Bronze Package is a template employment agreement customised for an employer wanting to employ a remote employee as a remote employee.

Available in word version, you can badge with your business logo and proceed with confidence to be sure your organisation is considering all important aspects of a request for remote work.

Note that this Bronze Package is a template policy only, If you require more personalised assistance from one of our team, go to our Silver or Gold Packages here.

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This template should be used for an employment agreement where the role is one hundred percent remote or has a regular remote component.

By using a specialised remote work agreement template the Employer and the Employee will be clear on:

  • where the Remote Workspace is located;

  • who is responsible for occupational health and safety obligations in the remote workspace

  • how expenses are claimed/ paid;

  • who is to supply the equipment required for the remote work agreement;

  • how the employee will work; and

  • other specific arrangements such as the frequency the employee is to visit head office.

This template, once downloaded, requires completion of the details of the Employee’s proposed remote workspace and other deal specific details in the customisable Schedule.

Note that it Is a general template drafted for Australian laws and does not incorporate specific arrangements such as commission or ownership of moral rights for work or products the employee creates while employed by you.

Similarly, if your employee is covered by a Modern Award and it is contemplated that they work hours of their choosing that might attract penalty rates under the Modern Award, it is crucial to consider whether you require an Individual Flexibility Agreement to contract out of the Modern Award, on the basis that the Employee understands the Award but wants the flexibility of other working arrangements.

If you have more complex arrangements or wish to make the Remote Work Agreement (non award) more detailed, please get in touch with us to discuss customised amendments,