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(Worldwide) Parental Leave Policy

(Worldwide) Parental Leave Policy


The Parental Leave Policy (Worldwide):

  • is a modern parental leave policy to provide family inclusive practice and work life balance in your company by providing an employer funded paid parental leave scheme; and

  • is drafted as a private workplace scheme and does not embody any Government legislation surrounding this issue. If Government legislation applies, you should make your own enquiries in your relevant State/ Territory/ Country and implement this policy of parental leave alongside any Government requirements.

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This policy is designed to be complimentary (or a top up) to any legal requirements in the laws of the country that apply to your workplace.

Parental leave policies are a great strategy for companies (and especially remote companies) to attract and retain top talent by offering job security and allowing a sense of work/ life balance for employees.

Note that this policy is a generic policy which must be customised by completing the text in red italics. If a more customised policy is required, please get in touch here to request a quote for a customised policy for your organisation.