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Remote Work Contractor Agreement

Remote Work Contractor Agreement


The Remote Work Contractor Agreement is a template contractor agreement where the Contractor will be providing work to the Principal (business) remotely.

Available in word version, you can badge with your business logo and proceed with confidence to be sure your organisation is taking into account all remote working issues where a contractor is concerned.

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By using a specialised remote work contractor agreement, the parties to the agreement will be clear on things such as:

·    the general terms of the agreement including length of contract, project price;

·    remote access to IT Systems; and

·    confidentiality

Note that in Australia, an independent contractor’s agreement does NOT create the same employment relationship between the parties as an employment agreement. As a result, a contractor remains responsible for superannuation, insurance tax and other leave entitlements and can only collect the agreed Price under the contractor’s agreement, unless the Superannuation Guarantee Threshold is reached and the principal must pay superannuation to the contractor.

Before using this template, we suggest you review the Australian Tax Office guidelines for an independent contractor to ensure that your proposed contracting arrangement will not be classed as an employee and employer relationship.

If you require a customised agreement or more specific information on where the blurry line between contractor and employee sits, please get in touch for a quote at or through our website here, noting we can customise this agreement to your specific situation using our document preparation service.