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(Canada) Interactive Remote Work Health and Safety Audit

(Canada) Interactive Remote Work Health and Safety Audit


All organisations should have their remote team members complete the Remote Work Health and Safety Checklist to ensure the team member’s remote workspace is compliant.

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The fact an employee works from home does not mean the employer ceases to have responsibility for their health and welfare while they are doing their job.

For this reason it is crucial that employers:

  • establish where in the home the employee will work; and

  • retain a checklist and photos of the employee’s work space, including the ergonomic benefits and placement of furniture, exits and other safety requirements.

This global interactive checklist brings together all of these requirements for your peace of mind. Allow your employees to work from home with confidence by purchasing this product (per employee) and providing them with the online form link to your remote team member.   Ask the remote team member to print, read and complete the Interactive Remote Work Health & Safety Checklist and take photos of the remote workspace to upload as part of the form.

Once the remote team member has completed the Remote Work Health & Safety Checklist and taken photos and submitted the form, the form will be returned direct to The Remote Expert and subsequently forwarded to you at the email address you have used to purchase these documents.

Note that one form return per employee is required and if you provide the link to more than one employee we reserve the right to retain any reports until further purchases have been made