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(Canada) Independent Contractor's Agreement Remote Work

(Canada) Independent Contractor's Agreement Remote Work


This template independent contractor’s agreement is a Canadian document specifically drafted for an agreement where the contractor will be providing work to the principal (the business) remotely.

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The Agreement also covers remote access to IT Systems and offers various protections to a Principal (business) against the contractor carrying out unauthorised use of their computer systems and confidential information.

This Template is a general template drafted for Canadian laws. If you wish to use it overseas, you should seek tax advice and advice in the jurisdiction you will be residing in to ensure it can be enforced locally. Note if you require an Australian Template agreement, you can access it here.

Note that in Canada, an independent contractor’s agreement does NOT create the same employment relationship between the parties as an Employment Agreement. A contractor remains responsible for his or her own remissions to the government, including income tax, HST, and any pension contributions. The independent contractor has no entitlements under any employment standards legislation in any Province or federally.  

 Before using this template, we suggest that you review the four-point standardized test developed by the Canada Revenue Agency to ensure that your proposed contracting arrangement will not be classified as an employee-employer relationship.

If you require a customised agreement, please get in touch for a quote, noting we can customise this agreement to your specific situation using our document preparation service and for this service you will be referred to a lawyer practising in the Canadian jurisdiction.


In downloading this document from The Remote Expert (Template) you have not requested legal advice.  This document contains information only. You acknowledge that the Remote Expert is not acting as your lawyer in providing this document to you and that you do not have a lawyer/client relationship with The Remote Expert.

In Canada, if you require legal advice in relation to employment law or any other related issue we will refer you to our associate Tara Vasdani for legal advice and as such, unless you choose to formally engage Tara Vasdani or her nominated legal firm in writing for document preparation or legal advice, no liability exists between The Remote Expert and you.