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The Remote Expert offers Canadian Template and customised documents.

Canadian Services

Canadian lawyer Tara Vasdani is available to consult on the Canadian documents, or offer gold package services through her firm, Remote Law Canada.


Tara Vasdani

Canadian Lawyer

Tara is an innovative Canadian Lawyer who heads up Remote Law Canada.

Tara was recognised globally in January 2018 as the first Canadian lawyer to successfully serve a Statement of Claim using Instagram and was nominated as one of Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers of 2018. She has been featured in Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Above the Law, Globe Legal Post, Droit-Inc., and on CBC.

Tara earned two law degrees, both common and civil, from the University of Ottawa in 2016, entirely in French. As one of 19 students selected to obtain two law degrees in three years, Tara became well-versed in both jurisdictions and today is fluently bilingual, as well as qualified to represent clients across Canada.

Tara completed her articles with a large national firm located in downtown Ottawa. While doing so, she wrote a book critiquing the federal government’s ‘CSIS’ Bill, which was later published by the Éditions Universitaires Européens in 2017.

While obtaining her J.D. and LL.L., Tara worked for the leading legal research corporation, LexisNexis Canada, a great background to join with Emma (who has drafted precedents for the Australian arm of Lexis Nexis) in consulting to Emma’s business on Canadian matters of law.